How can money flow easily and frequently into my life?


There are several things we can do in our spaces to open up the chi for new possibility, including abundance!

Check for places of blockage

Can you move around your space easily, or are there obstacles in your path? Open up these pathways so the chi can move; like removing a dam in the river, the water can flow freely.

Notice where your clutter zones are

This is stagnant chi. If you want to attract abundance, you need to make space for it! If your file cabinet is jam packed, create space for new opportunity by creating physical space here.

Stay in command!

The command position is the corner furthest from the door. Position your favorite seating area, desk, bed and stove (if possible) in the command position so you can see the whole room and the doorway, but avoid being in direct line with the door.

Place things of value

Put things of value in important places in your home and office, so your unconscious is visually reminded of abundance.

Clear limiting beliefs and fears

Clear your own limiting beliefs and fears around money and clear your space of previous occupant’s energy that may hold financial failure with a space clearing practitioner.

There is much more you could do with Feng Shui and Space Clearing to open up the flow to abundance that would be specific to your space and belief systems. Call to ask how a consultation could help!