Chris’ Personal Statement

I came to Feng Shui along a circuitous path. Feng Shui and Space Clearing practice became the perfect answer to my question–how do I combine 20 plus years of study in energy healing, indigenous traditions, environmental activism and art-making into service?

The Aha moment came during an art retreat on the coast of Maine several years ago. I stood on a wild low-tide-exposed island at dawn one morning. After doing the yoga sun salute, I placed a single rock on the ground in front of me, facing east, and felt a jolt of energy go through me, from my head to my feet. At that moment, I knew my work had to do with right placement and connection to the earth.

I expanded my study of Feng Shui, energy, ancient traditions and the environment, which brought me to an 18 month- long certification program through the Feng Shui Institute of America and training in the art of dowsing and space clearing with world renowned teachers.

Practicing Feng Shui and Space Clearing has been, over the last sixteen years, completely engaging and gratifying work. I realize that “being in the right place at the right time” is an experience that can be created by all of us. We can line ourselves up to connect with our highest potential!

I see this work as a way of connecting with the forces of nature to heal space and release its optimal expression so that it can enhance our experience of life.