How a Consult Works

Our clients are actively engaged in the process from the beginning. Thoughtful time is spent getting to know your needs, inspirations, goals and natural inclinations with comprehensive questionnaires and interviews. This information is central to crafting customized Feng Shui recommendations that will create the space that supports who you are and where you want to be in your life and work.

What to expect in a consultation

  • We begin with an evaluation of two questionnaires you complete prior to our visit. One focuses on your goals and the other on your natural inclinations. Photos, floor plans and plot plans are reviewed.
  • The on-site visit includes an interview identifying your goals, which guide the recommendations, and a comprehensive analysis of your space. Chi flow, element balance, yin/yang balance, bagua placement, symbol, the landscape, the building, each room, furniture arrangement, artwork, color, light, environmental influences.
  • Space Clearing: energetic disturbances are identified and cleared. Beneficial energies are enhanced.
    You receive a complete, customized Feng Shui analysis with specific, documented recommendations and explanations that will guide you to create the positive change in your life you want!
  • Follow up is important. As you make changes at your own pace, notice movement toward your goals. Questions or updates are welcome in the follow-up phone call, which is included.