Six time Emmy Award winner, Nancy Glass, features Christine on her HGTV-on-the-radio design series. Listen to the interviews.

Interior Divine, Jayne Pelosi

Christine is the featured Feng Shui expert in Jayne Pelosi’s recently published book, Interior Divine: Walking through the transformation of your home.

New England HomeNew England Home Magazine

Louis Postel, editor of Trade Secrets, requested Chris’ comments for inclusion in his featured column.

dowsers logoCanadian Society of Dowsers Digest

Chris Wojnar and Jayne Pelosi were asked to submit articles on Chris’ work with Feng Shui and Space Clearing.

Build BostonCreating cutting Edge Design using the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, 2004

Christine was a panelist presenting Feng Shui and Business at the prestigious Boston Society of Architects convention at the World Trade Center in Boston.

Build BostonFeng Shui and the American Workplace, 2006

Christine presented Office Building design as a panelist with her colleagues from the International Feng Shui Guild.

Women in Design, Boston Society of Architects, 2007

Healing Spaces. A panelist with Zibby Erickson and Lisa Bailey, facilitated by Priscilla Harcourt, Chris was asked to present on dowsing and space clearing for healing spaces.

Healing Environments Collaborative

Evolving their message of healing through evidence-based design, Christine was a member of a prestigious team of experts, presenting with cardiologist and healer, Harvey Zarren, MD; Hospital architect, Elizabeth (Zibby)Erikson, FAIA, LEED,AP; and landscape architect, Lisa Bailey, RA, ASLA in the following series:

Build BostonHealing Spaces, 2008

The panel demonstrates how art, Feng Shui, architecture and landscape architecture can integrate designed environments with natural elements that reduce stress, accelerate healing, and instill a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being.

Build BostonBeyond Platinum: Making Sustainable Connections, 2009

The panel shows how health of humans is linked to the health of the planet, how this knowledge informs our built environment. From microscopic to macroscopic scale, from interior to exterior environments, we explore how these connections contribute to healing our planet and ourselves.

Build BostonDesigning with the Heart in Mind, 2011

Designing for Heart Healthy environments, understanding the mechanisms, metrics, and modeling of nature enables us to achieve healing environments by designing with the heart in mind.

Build BostonThe Hospital as a Healing Garden, 2012

The panel demonstrates hospital design and implementation that can enable healing relationships as well as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social safety for patients, families, and care giving staff.

Such hospitals can be a resource for healing of individuals, both patients and caregivers, and centers of healing for communities. The concepts explored can also lead to understanding of how design of any space can enable or detract from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social safety.

The Landscape Institute Theraputic Landscape Collaborations: Successful Evidence-Based Design, 2013

While we live in a culture and with a healthcare system that seems to believe that the aspects of wellness mentioned above are real, our panelists, working together and creating presentations over the last four years, have come to realize that there is a wholeness to human beings, that all the aspects of wellness are constantly interacting and affecting each other all the time, and that Nature can be an extraordinarily useful way to positively affect the wellness of people. Our panel approaches therapeutic landscape collaborations and healing gardens in particular from our distinct professional points of view and with an understanding of the beneficial effects of healing landscape spaces on whole human beings: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and energetically.


Middlesex Community CollegeDesigning Your Space with Feng Shui

Middlesex Community CollegeFeng Shui for the Office

Middlesex Community CollegeDesigning For Prosperity with Feng Shui