Business Consultations

Increase your business success!

Your business will benefit through

  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity
  • A harmonious environment for good employee and customer relations
  • Focused energy on your goals
  • Enhancing the positive aspects of your work
  • Creating movement in stagnant areas of your work to open up new possibilities

Whether you need a Single Office Consultation or a Full Business Consultation, Feng Shui and Space Clearing helps you create stronger results by making the work environment more comfortable, efficient, and energizing.

All Business consultations emphasize:

  • How your vision and mission is reflected in your office environment
  • The functionality of the space and changes that increase productivity
    Chi flow into and throughout the space – clearing and moving energy by eliminating areas of stagnation
  • Maximizing placement of furniture, files, equipment, and other office items to provide the optimum placement according to the Bagua
  • Balance of Yin and Yang
  • Effective connections among employees/departments
  • Optimal energy exchange in your interactions with clients and colleagues
  • Establishing a higher vibration that will nurture you, your employees and your business so you will attract what you want
  • A review of your corporate image, marketing materials and web site to determine how Feng Shui principles are expressed

Contact us to learn more about a Single Office or Full Business Consultation. Both approaches provide comprehensive Feng Shui recommendations that result in immediate improvements.

Have a home based business? Learn more about our Residential Consultations to ensure the energy flows harmoniously through all aspects of your life.

New service: We now offer Post-Implementation Reviews for clients who would benefit from an in-person review of their progress or changed circumstances.