Real Estate

Home Staging and Space Clearing

Sell your home quickly, easily and at the highest price!

Home Staging is a way of arranging your space to create a positive impression on potential homebuyers. Many realtors are learning to market their listings with staging techniques, or realtors/sellers are hiring professionals to make recommendations.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing is a highly effective approach to generic staging techniques. You receive an efficient, customized plan for your home, using proven techniques that take home staging to a profoundly successful level. Analyzing energy flow, placement, color, lighting, sound, image and other factors, you will be shown how to create an environment that will have a positive effect on everyone who enters the home. As a result, the home has the potential of selling quickly and at the most optimal price.

Another very unique aspect of this service is that the analysis is done from your photographs, making consultations efficient and affordable.

Combined Feng Shui/Interior Design Consults

The color is perfect. The accessories beautiful. The entire feel of the room is exactly what you hoped it would be.

If you are ready to create a truly inspired room, we can. We collaborate with recognized Interior Designers so each room is as beautiful as it is energized.

Space Clearing

Enhance the positive qualities of your space and improve your well-being by energetically opening and restoring the natural chi flow to bring vitality into our personal and professional lives. Included with every Feng Shui consultation and, separately, by the hour.

Internet & Phone Consultations

If you like our philosophy and our results but are not in New England, we offer internet and phone consultations to help you receive the benefits of Feng Shui and Space Clearing no matter where you are located.