Residential Consultations

Enhance your life—achieve your goals!

Residential consultations focus on your life as a whole-your inspirations, your relationships, health, connection to your dreams, self-expression, values, prosperity, career and connection to the larger world.

A residential consultation places a particular emphasis on your goals, and those of other household members. We create harmony in shared spaces, and support each person in their individual spaces.

Results in residential consultations are as varied as the individuals we work with:

  • One daughter’s grades improved
  • A husband and wife began spending more time together
  • A couple achieved their financial goals
  • A teenage son felt happier and more settled
  • One family found more harmonious interactions
  • A baby started sleeping soundly
  • A single woman started attracting men into her life

Learn more about our Residential consultations by calling us at 781-275-0698.

If you have a home-based business, learn more about our Business Consultations so the energy flows harmoniously through all aspects of your life.

Architectural Plan Review

Building a new home or office?
Planning a remodeling project?

Before one hammer hits a nail, send us your plans. We will review them to ensure your space is designed with proper chi flow, alignments and placements.

We have successfully worked with architects to optimize the energy and flow of space.