Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing and How Does It Work?

Space Clearing is used in every culture, world-wide, to balance and free energies, in and around us, so that it may flow easily and naturally improving our sense of well being. Native Americans burn sage and cedar, the Balinese use temple bells and incense, Africans use drums and sticks, Roman Catholic priests use prayer and ritual.

Dowsing and Space Clearing

I follow a protocol for clearing that involves tuning into and identifying the energetic patterns affecting you in a prayerful state, using the art of dowsing. I check for the energetic balance of your space and for the type of energy that needs to open up and become free to transform.

The process is similar to yoga or massage. As you enter an area of tension, you breathe into the area, giving it your attention, until it releases. In acupuncture, the needle is inserted in the area where energy needs to be moved. This clearing is similar, only on an energetic/spiritual level. It is often appropriate to combine personal clearing with environmental clearing, as our personal energy can have a profound effect on our spaces.

I use my dowsing system and spiritual help to ask permission, to find the appropriate time, and how much information is needed to be witness. I start every Feng Shui consultation with a clearing. I also do clearing work independent of Feng Shui consultations, on an hourly basis. I start with a floor plan, plot plan, and satellite photo to map dowse before our visit. On site, I dowse the property to identify and balance the energy. I usually have a few Feng Shui suggestions for you to ground the clearings.

Dowsing is a very old method, using tools such as a Y rod, L rods, or pendulums, to get information as answers to questions that can be answered Yes or No. It’s a way of accessing the higher mind by bypassing the intellect, using the autonomic nervous system. It’s most commonly known for finding underground water. Its use is much wider, as dowsing can be used to find most anything, including the natural magnetic and spiritual energies in our environment.

After a clearing, the occupants usually notice a lighter atmosphere and change in their situation. Clearing can be done remotely or on site, depending on the circumstances.

When to call for Space Clearing

People call for Space Clearing when something is out of balance and they want to enhance beneficial energies in their lives. They may be moving into a new space and want to make it their own, are having a run of bad luck, accidents are happening, a project keeps getting stalled, a house is not selling, people have trouble sleeping or are getting ill, or unusual occurrences are happening.