Success Story – Home Office

Nancy Carmichael, a professional photographer with a home-based operation, wanted to grow her business. She shared her office with her partner, Michael, who worked at home occasionally. She wanted to use Feng Shui to attract more business and…

Desk area, before

Desk area, after

Right wall, before

Right wall, after


To increase revenue, land bigger jobs, increase the numbers of photo sessions, enhance her creativity and passion, while maintaining harmony in her relationship. She wanted to express the values of honesty, integrity and good customer service.


My role was to help Nancy create a space in which she could be focused, productive and creatively inspired. “When I walk into my office I feel stuck, like I can’t get anything started or finished…”

The principal challenge was to create a space that could function efficiently. Nancy worked at two computer stations on different sides of the room. The telephone was separated from the work area.

Chi flow needed to be opened up. A large photo printer and desk blocked the entry. Chi flow with communication with the telephone services, email accounts and website was fragmented as well. Improvements here would help with customer service.

Symbol and element balance were important to express Nancy’s values and her natural inclinations, as well as inspire her to be creative. Honoring the shared space required special attention to harmony with the elements, and special attention to the relationship corner of the bagua. Nancy also needed a special space for creative endeavors. It is important to have a space that makes it easy to do what you want.


Desk area - after

  • The first thing to look at was chi flow for her energy, from the front door, up the stairs and down the hall to the office.
  • The front door had an equal sized window next to it and the chi was blocked at the window with a plant to direct it toward the door.
  • A photo of Nancy’s drew you up the stairs of the split entry.
  • A bookcase was removed from the hallway which impeded flow.
  • The office itself was rearranged to combine both computer stations side by side, opening up the flow into the office.
  • A mirror was set up to reflect the room.
  • The shared desk top area was uncluttered and the relationship corner of the office enhanced with a couple photo and a fun floor lamp.
  • The printer was put in the now door-less closet, freeing up more space.
  • Nancy’s photos of her favorite places (and her elements) now adorned the walls.
  • The phone was reprogrammed to one central phone and the website flow and element balance was improved.
  • The screensaver, which had been distracting, was changed.
  • She set up a special place in another part of the house for her creative work.


From Nancy: “I can already tell you that there is an energy shift. I walk into my office and just smile away. I now have two huge jobs booked. My thoughts are clearer and I’m getting other projects finished up. Ideas are flowing like a water spout, the room just gives me tingles whenever I walk into it. I feel so good about everything in my business and my personal life. I have developed a need to do creative writing! I absolutely love my new website and I have been elected president of the Boston Women’s Network!”