Space Clearing

“Thank you so much for doing the energy work in my space! Since we began, my energy has been much stronger and many noticeable changes have happened. I had been feeling stuck for a long time. Now things are moving in a positive direction! My intention was to build my confidence personally and to enhance my ability to articulate my expertise professionally. In the past couple of weeks, I have successfully completed a presentation, have negotiated with the buyer of my home from a strong position, and have received new work from out of the blue! I am definitely feeling better about myself!”
—M. S., Marblehead, MA

“I was amazed, after we did the energy work, that my goal for retaining information was so dramatic. In my acting class, I was shocked that I remembered 100% of my monologue, first time through! That was a first. My other goal of wanting balance and centeredness is resulting in my reacting to certain events with calm, including my reactions in traffic, have changed dramatically. I have been having wonderful days!”
—Jane D., Bedford, MA

“Your space clearing was SO fabulous! Not only did it lift that dreary feeling I always had on coming inside, it also brought the three things I wanted from your consult: serenity, passion, abundance. The serenity began right away with your clearing of negative energies from the space. I also healed the hurt child within my psyche about two months ago, which has brought that serenity to a new and stable level. The abundance clicked in after my DSL line was disconnected for nonpayment about a month after your consultation and — while using a friend’s office to connect to the Internet — I checked out the jobs I was qualified for on Monster.com. I discovered I could make a LOT more money by going back into the corporate world — a direction I have since taken, and got the first job I interviewed for! As for passion, my favorite fellow of these past 15 years and I started having conversations at a much deeper level about three months ago, with the result that I’m now moving in with him. Woo-hoo!”
—Wyn S., Natick, MA.

“Chris, since your work, I am way less stuck!! In fact I have been on a massive clean up clear out. All rooms have been cleaned out of need, don’t need. The studio is full of things for the Yard sale. It is going to be HUGE. I have all the “I don’t need right now” stuff packed neatly in boxes in each room VERY organized. I will begin the touch ups for paint, and wash the windows next week. Then the house will officially will be for sale! Yup I am movin!! Clearly I am moving energy!”
—Kathleen King, Woodstock, VT

“I am very thankful to Christine for restoring the peaceful environment in my home. Christine sought out the source of the energy disturbance and cleared it from the space. She provided helpful insight and followed up with me at intervals to ensure the situation was entirely rectified. Her kind and understanding manner was comforting and her talent restored balance and harmony. My motivation for contacting Christine was that my sister had come to stay with us and was most disturbed during her first few nights. She got quite sick and told me some unusual experiences had been keeping her up. As this was the second guest to report such activity and I had felt it myself (but of course one often writes off their own such experiences), I asked Christine for a consultation. Christine was most responsive and addressed the matter immediately, as she was concerned that my sister had gotten ill. Afterwards my sister experienced no further disturbances, got quite comfortable sleeping in her room, and was completely healthy for the rest of the summer.”
—Michelle B., Hanover, Massachusetts

“I certainly can say that I found the change of energy in the two spaces in my home and the three in institutions to be dramatic after the clearings you did. You are impressive in your focus and clarity ….you are a gentle, comfortable person to be with during the process ….and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”
—Di Clymer, Concord, Massachusetts

“I have been curious about Feng Shui and Space Clearing for a long time. Chris did a session with me in early June. My sleep had been disrupted and there was a water leak in my basement. After working with Chris I am sleeping soundly through the night, and my home is more peaceful and loving. And~ get this~ even though we have had torrential and more rain than ever in the area where I live, my basement has not developed the small lakes that formerly would come with a normal rainfall. Gratefully,”
—Kati O, Bedford, Massachusetts

Business Consultations

“Christine is amazing! She did some work on my office on a Friday and I implemented almost all of the suggestions the same day. Five days later I had 4 people ask me about my services–3 became clients that I still work with years later! I learn so much each time I consult with Chris. Thanks to this work, I have well defined spaces in my office to focus on creative work, administrative work and space to just think. My office is more functional and I can really feel the difference in the energy. It’s someplace I love to come into!”
—Susan LaPlante-Dube, president, Precision Marketing Group, Upton, Massachusetts

“As an accountant, it’s hard to focus on anything but the numbers. Having Chris reorganize my office has allowed me to enjoy that space again. I finally feel happy and positive about going into my office everyday. Over the past six months, alone, my business has increased by 15% and more new clients are appearing every day! Thanks so much for your insightful approach to working with my business.”
—Sonia Stingo, Livingston and Haynes, Wellesley, Massachusetts

“You should see my office! What a difference… AND you will be happy to know I just got hired by a new client for a great project, so Thank you!!”
—Jayne Pelosi, Renaissance Interior Design, W. Dennis, Massachusetts

“On two occasions, I had Chris Wojnar come to my home office. The first time it was to provide a complete assessment of my space. Chris’ suggestions were wonderful and made my working environment far more effective. I had also been having difficulty closing business and Chris made some suggestions about how to create other opportunities to maximize my work environment. In a matter of a few days of making the changes to my office that Chris suggested, my phone started ringing and I was able to close five new clients. The second time Chris came because I was feeling as though my business was at a standstill and not growing as quickly as I wanted. After Chris assessed how things were going, she made some suggestions about color and changes to wall coverings, my files and several other easy to make changes. A week or so after making the changes that Chris suggested, my business began to turn around again and I closed additional business and added several large clients. Chris is both helpful and supportive in her suggestions. She takes the time to get to know your business and makes suggestions that she knows will provide the most effective results.”
—Celia Couture, Management and Business consultant, Andover, Massachusetts

“Since implementing your recommendations, our business has been phenomenal! We have hit the ground running!”
—Anne Roy, owner, The Floor Store, West Stockbridge, MA

“Happy New Year! I wanted you to be the first non-family member to know this…we did over 42% more business last year than the year before! Over $100,000 more in gross sales! This is thrilling for us and we wanted to share our glee with someone who enhanced our possibilities! Thank you for your input and guidance!”
—Anne Roy, The Floor Store, West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

“My main goal was to increase my energy and stamina with my business. Since the consultation, I have been unstoppable. I have finally completed my book, I have been elected for leadership roles in several of the organizations to which I belong, and my business is finally moving in the direction I desire. I first had Chris do my office and I was so impressed that I had her back for my entire home. I was even more impressed that I decided to offer a brunch to all my friends and asked Chris to come and talk about feng shui to help all my friends. Several of them hired her! Not only will you love her services, but you will love doing business with her. She is so genuine and sincerely concerned about helping others. She puts a lot of attention into each client and produces great results.”
—Jacki Rose, owner, Top Performance, Milford, Massachusetts

“Just wanted to let you know how helpful you were. As an astrologer, I recognize the similarities between Feng Shui and astrology. They are both a science and an art. The science is the rules and information. The art is the way the practitioner puts it together. A good practitioner combines both to give each person who works with suggestions that fit for her. I’ve worked with other Feng Shui people before and felt that they were giving me a formula that they would have given anyone. Your suggestions were clearly specifically for me and not rote. I’d give the consultation an A+ and would strongly recommend anyone seeking Feng Shui guidance to see you.”
—Joyce Levine, Astrologer, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“The energy is flowing, the ideas are flying—I have had an average of 40 website hits per day for the last two weeks, and 77 on Monday. I used to average 7 hits per day. Thanks, again. You’re the best.”
—Nancy Carmichael, Onyx Productions, Winthrop, Massachusetts

“Christine Wojnar is wonderful! My home is now beautiful and functional. Plus, my home office is a wonderful place to work and be creative. I have become much more productive, and, best of all, my business revenues have increased by over thirty percent since I have incorporated the Feng Shui ideas recommended by Chris Wojnar. What a difference!”
—Kathy Kingston, Kingston Auction Company, Hampton, New Hampshire

“Chris was thoughtful and careful in her questions about use of my personal space. Her suggestions were simple and easily integrated. I am very much enjoying the time in my office space with its improved esthetic I would happily recommend Christine Wojnar to anyone interested in creating a Feng Shui environment.”
—Joan Burkhard, Executive Director, Riverbrook Residence, Stockbridge, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

“I’m so thrilled that I used Chris’s Feng Shui services for my office. The changes have been amazing, and started immediately. The day I moved my computer (following Chris’s advice) and powered it up, the first new email in my inbox had the subject of ‘Can I hire you?’ (The sender quickly became a new client.) New business has literally been coming out of the woodwork, contributing to ending the recent quarter with a 25% revenue increase compared to this time last year. I give Chris my highest recommendation.”
—Chris Vasiliadis, Marketing Consultant, Signature Impact, Inc., Burlington, Massachusetts

“You took my information and designed a consultation that really hits the mark. You were attentive to all the areas of concern I had and you were meticulous in your recommendations. The details were most useful in making the necessary changes, some very simple, which made such a difference in improving the energy in my office. The shift in the energy around my business was just what I had wanted. I love the way my office feels, looks and functions for me. Thank you so much for knowing just what I needed to achieve my goals.”
—Barbara Ricketts, President, LifeStyle Management Associates

“In this time of radical reorganization of belief systems within Western civilization, Christine Wojnar offers an integrated approach to balancing the ancient wisdom of the East with the pragmatic needs of today’s time pressured schedules. As a compassionate witness to the energetic underpinnings of our daily routines and physical environments, she offers thoughtful insights and effective strategies to enhance both personal and profession goals. We have been so pleased with the quality and results of her work; it has been a pleasure to recommend her to others, who have also reported delightful progress as a result of working with her.”
—Eleanor Mulvaney, Glastonbury Company, Waltham, MA

“Happy Spring! Since we last emailed, there have been some changes on the job/money front: My husband recently received a promotion at work and will be working within a new group. I was contacted by the same recruiter who I had been talking to about a marketing role at a television station and I have an interview on Wednesday!”
—S.M., Arlington, MA

“My thoughts are clearer and I’m getting other projects finished up. Ideas are flowing like a water spout, ”
—Nancy Carmichael

“Thank you for that wonderful consultation. I can report many good things coming my way since we met. It’s a clear change of energy.
3/12: a co-worker from Spaulding signed up for my back workshop
–a friend signed on for my yoga & hiking in Switzerland trip
–a client said she’d like to go on the Swiss trip as a reward to herself when she recovers from some neurological pain she’s been experiencing
3/13: –2 clinicians and 2 patients at Marino Center expressed interest in my yoga classes and also the Swiss trip
3/14: a researcher in alternative medicine from Brigham and Women’s asked if he could document the results of my back care classes … This would be a controlled study of yoga and back pain.
3/15: — 3 calls from Brigham & women’s staff inquiring about back classes, of which 2 calls represented more than one person.
I think that’s phenomenal!”
—Sandra Uyterhoeven, Yoga teacher, Cambridge, MA

“Chris offers thoughtful insights and effective strategies to enhance both personal and professional goals. We have been so pleased with the quality and results of her work; it has been a pleasure to recommend her to others, who have also reported delightful progress as a result of working with her.”
—Eleanor Mulvaney, Glastonbury Company, Waltham, MA

“I highly recommend using the services of Home Staging Specialist, Christine Wojnar, certified Feng Shui professional, with a career background in marketing and public relations. She has been invaluable in staging my listings for fast sale.”
— Peter King, Real Estate Broker, Central Florida

“Bottom line, I’m very much in action and continuing to pursue opportunities as they are presented to me. The feng shui definitely has had an impact on my energy level and productivity!”
—Lisa Montoya, New Agreements Coach and Prosperity Guide

Residential Consultations

Decorator never stops learning:
“I thought I would depart from my usual format to share with you a fascinating and enlightening experience I had last week. Saturday was my birthday, and since we recently moved into a new house, I decided that the perfect birthday gift would be a Feng Shui Consultation and Space Clearing… Read More
—Jayne Pelosi, Renaissance Interior Design, Cape Cod, MA

“It has been almost a year since we had our fabulous Feng Shui session at my home and home office. I wanted to give you an update of the success I have experienced since our session. I had 3 goals, other than learning and having fun, with my Feng Shui consultation. I wanted to increase my business revenue, increase the “fun” in my life and social activities in creating a healthy work/life balance and I wanted some improvement in my love life. As a professional organizer, I also wanted to experience the process as a possible recommendation for my clients. Well, I am thrilled to report there has been success in all of these areas. My business had a 55% increase in revenue for 2007, and I had a lot of fun with friends along the way! The best part is that I have reconnected with a boyfriend that I had not seen in over 20 years (ok, I am dating myself now…) I couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to continued blessings in 2008! Thanks for your assistance. It was really a lot of fun.”
—Anne Marie Williams, Atmosphere Consulting, Braintree, MA

“I’ve worked with other Feng Shui people and felt that they were giving me a formula that they would have given anyone. Your suggestions were clearly specifically for me and not rote. I’d give the consultation an A+ and would strongly recommend anyone seeking Feng Shui guidance to see you.”
—Joyce Levine, Astrologer, Cambridge, MA

“I had recently moved from a home where I developed an environmental illness, so I was really looking forward to working with Christine in my new home. The first thing she had me do was send a floor plan and photos of my new home. Upon working together in the home, Christine asked me specifically what kind of feeling I wanted to create. We achieved this feeling by making small but significant changes. I was impressed by how small the changes were, and yet what a difference they made. It did not cost much money to implement the changes, and the energy in my house is wonderful. People love to visit and the house feels healthy. Christine also cleared any unwanted energy from the home. I highly recommend Christine’s services as I found her sensitive, compassionate and well grounded in the art of feng shui.”
—Barbara N., Maynard, MA

“I have used Chris Wojnar and highly recommend her. She works with homeowners and businesses and I experienced some great shifts personally and professionally after implementing her suggestions last year!”
—Mary Gallagher, Life and Business Coach, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

“Chris, you have no idea how much Jack and I appreciate what you have done for us. For the first time in a long time, I have a true sense of “home” because of the energy flow. I don’t come home to hide out as much. I’m really enjoying our living spaces now.”
—Susan King, St. Cloud, Florida

“I hired Christine Wojnar to evaluate my home/office and home. I completed an extensive questionnaire, and then she visited my home, going through it in great detail. She arrived with a list of recommendations on how I could improve the feng shui in my home and home/office, including color suggestions and a floor plan for my living room. Christine is very knowledgeable, passionate about, and committed to her work, and she provides a great value to the novice who would like to learn more about feng shui and apply its wisdom.”
—Ellen Good, President, Focus First, Inc.

“I have enjoyed the benefits of consultations with you both at home and in my work. Your approach is friendly, direct and practical. I have noticed positive change in all aspects of my life. And I love the way my house looks!”
—Ann Asnes, Watertown, Massachusetts

“Chris has the uncanny ability to walk into a chaotic world and with simple yet direct modifications create a space where one is living in harmony. Living in harmony with the tangible and intangible forces of the natural world is a gift Chris brings to every life she touches.”
—Cate Tower, Executive Director, Gould Farm, Monterey, Berkshire County, Massachusetts

“I just wanted to let you know that we tried our new furniture arrangement over the weekend and it is great! The room is much more comfortable, livable and homey. My husband noticed the cat has moved her sleeping spot from her bed upstairs to the center of the living room! What great suggestions! Thanks!”
—Carolyn Bottum, Director, Bedford Council on Aging, Bedford, Massachusetts

“I cannot get over the difference the adjustments have made … both my husband and I feel the energy shift. The rooms were always attractive; but now they are balanced, and most essential, are supporting our goals and dreams.”
—Jayne Pelosi, Yarmouthport, MA

“The change of energy in the two spaces in my home and the three in institutions were dramatic … and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”
—Di Clymer, Concord, MA

“You did a wonderful job of gently eliciting and listening to my family’s desires and dreams for our lifestyle as well as places we felt blocked. You offered a combination of artist and healer that made our home more beautiful, more functional, and more a unique reflection of us.”
—Randi Currier, Bedford, MA

“This has been an amazing opportunity to learn about consciousness. It has affected everyone in the family…just by following the directions… the Feng Shui has played a significant part in bringing us into balance.”
—Ann A, Massachusetts